Swarna 23 Sep 2015
Web, write your comment in a word processor where you can see the whole thing and run it through spellcheck, and then paste it into the comment box. So that s it, the nine simple rules for writing a blog comment.
Archana Deka 08 Sep 2015
Hello... Everybody, i want to know that how can translate nepali language to hindi .
anista 13 Aug 2015
k ho
sangam 31 Jul 2015
we can't read nepali prosperly so need toimprove the nepali language
jennifer 23 Jul 2015
How do I say "I now pronounce you husband and wife" in Nepali
nirjala lama 09 Jul 2015
i don't no speaking in English
Alicia Poudel 24 Jun 2015
It is really helping to do my work. Thanks to this website.
mandal 17 Jun 2015
why it cannot be translated english words to nepali?
Heleen 18 May 2015
What is Lama Khen in English please?
kiran 14 Apr 2015
hi everyone, can anyone tell me is the Hindi script and Nepali scripts are same
Ram sogarath mandal 13 Apr 2015
how to convert english to nepali? I need to helf because i 'm new for this wibsites.
akhil neupane 02 Apr 2015
i dont no speake in englesh
dinesh thapa 02 Mar 2015
converting english translating, how to use the translation. plz help me
Shruti 08 Jan 2015
I also know some Tamil Aathu ku po. Nie on pariekshei ki padi.,this is wt I know
Shruti 08 Jan 2015
So sorry I can't come tomorrow but maybe Saturday fine????
Sanita 08 Jan 2015
I need a help i am tamilian and I am in Nepal and indeed to learn so the question is what does it do and how does it help us ?????...
Shruti 08 Jan 2015
Hey everybody I just started using this it helps me in many of my homework
Anush Paudel 07 Nov 2014
Hello! Everyone my name is Anush Paudel. I read in year eight at spires academy. I use these Nepali font to search my difficult meaning. I use this font in my home also to do my homework.
Ruby 07 Nov 2014
Hey Basista Bhandari! It's working I just tried it after reading your comment it's coming the correct word. Even I did copy paste your word on conversion and gave a spate right end of the letter and it came up
Anush Paudel 07 Nov 2014
Hi! I am Anush Paudel. Use hNepali fonts to read easier in my school.
Ramji Raut 02 Nov 2014
Hello.i am ramji raut how can i translate english to nepali Please help me..
sanjay 01 Nov 2014
how to get nepali Unicode in Microsoft word can some body help me, please.....
sundar ganesh 12 Oct 2014
nepali to english why not support on this website ?why?
Deepa Maharjan 19 Sep 2014
hi,i requwest to iwant to nepali to english translate web site please how can i found easily please help hoping for favorable reponce from you thank you
Eric 10 Sep 2014
Hi everyone. Can someone help me translate some nepalese i have on two pieces of jewelry? Mahalo1890@gmail.com Thank you so much!