ma timro 01 May 2016
timi lai
Dana 13 Apr 2016
I don't know how to pronounce things
Chandralal 03 Apr 2016
Dictionary english bata nepali ma kina aaudaina yo ta hindi ma matra aauchha tara nepali bhanchha
Ch 03 Apr 2016
Export image to back ground color change
beju tamu 25 Mar 2016
i want nepali type in kebood
Sami 15 Mar 2016
Help me to convert nepali into english
nabin 05 Mar 2016
I want nepali to engliish translate
nabin 05 Mar 2016
nabin 05 Mar 2016
prem dhami 02 Mar 2016
I want nepali to english translate
gelhan 27 Feb 2016
I want to type in nepali words in keypad and translation in English.
Bivesh 19 Feb 2016
how to get chandrabindu on top of words ?
Rohit Century 18 Feb 2016
Thanks! I feel complete with site.
awash gautam 18 Feb 2016
nepali ko choro ho ma
connor 13 Feb 2016
thanks! I love studying Nepal!
MAN GURUNG 31 Jan 2016
Parwat 29 Jan 2016
Really helpful site
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nepali to english taslet
saroj shrestha 28 Jan 2016
i can't to English speaking so English learn
asia 16 Jan 2016
susmita 05 Jan 2016
its really helpful,website
rahul don 03 Jan 2016
hey everyday i just started using this it helps me in many of my work
anish 30 Dec 2015
i cant change the converted text into the particular nepali fonts i want to convert please help me
kimmy grg 02 Dec 2015
I want to type in nepali words and translation into english
subas 02 Dec 2015
i want to type english words in key board and transalation in nepali